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pls respond 


pls respond 

I am a fuckboy magnet


if i see one more shitty and condescending comic about how workers are all droid-like hiveminds wasting their life away while intellectuals and artists are the true shining beacons for us all to follow i’m going to smash up an art gallery with a hammer

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ゲームキューブ#擬人化 〜 アッKぃー

GameCube #humanised 〜 アッKぃー

Ahh, I wish I could become human…

I’ll grant that wish for you.



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navy recruiter:  son do you want to join the us navy

me:  well, gee, sir, I don’t think so

navy recruiter: what is holding you back

me:  I dont have any muscles

navy recruiter:  thats is ok.  we have many fishing boats in the us navy fleet that can fish for the mussels.  mussels are a homophone of muscles and, thus, this joke can be formed.  for more info on homophones, here is the wikipedia entry

and when we were having trouble setting up the router they were all like “ugh we need a BOY to do this I don’t know ANYTHING about technology” like what’s the matter with you??